Promise and Potential

I’m pleased to share with you the newest edition of Pride Foundation’s eNewsletter, which includes an updated look and feel.

We’ve improved our newsletter design in order to match the way supporters like you keep informed about the world around you—on phones, on tablets, and on the go.

This new look is only partly about readability, however. At a deeper level the refresh was driven by a desire to bring clarity to the important role that Pride Foundation plays in advancing LGBTQ equality, to share stories of how we accomplish that work together, and to outline why this work matters so much.

At its core, Pride Foundation’s mission can be summed up in two words: promise and potential. It’s about the promise of true equality, and our collective potential to achieve it.

We’re providing the resources and support needed to effect lasting change across the Northwest through grant dollars, scholarships, technical expertise, convenings, and leadership development. But our work is about more than these tactics alone.

We know that despite all the successes of late—marriage equality, non-discrimination ordinances, healthcare access, and so much more—huge inequities remain.

That’s why we’ve been working hard over the past year to refine—and redefine—our unique roles, both in philanthropy and in the broader movement to advance equality for LGBTQ people. With our 30th Anniversary just around the corner, we’ve taken the time to affirm our core strengths and identify how we can make the greatest impact towards our goal of true equality for all.

Our redesigned eNewsletter highlights the three strategies that define our work. We call them our “levers of change” because they are critical to long-term success:

  • Building organizations: We make grants that help grow the capacity of community-based organizations to be drivers of social and cultural change.
  • Connecting leaders: We provide technical assistance and professional development that emerging and existing leaders need to help grow the movement.
  • Supporting students: We award scholarships and fellowships to support current and future leaders in the LGBTQ and straight ally community.

Starting today, and continuing every other month, we will deliver a set of stories focused on the progress we’re making and the lessons we’re learning in each of these three practice areas. And at the top of each issue, I’ll share context and insights gathered during my travels throughout the region.

At its core, our job is to keep the community connected around shared values. Pride Foundation is about holding up the ideals that we all want to believe in and ensuring that they apply to our entire community. We are about creating space for those who have been promised fairness and equality for far too long, and providing them a sense of belonging and safety in the world.

Pride Foundation is about identifying the promise of what could be and leveraging our shared potential to achieve it.

Thank you for your part in making this happen.

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