GiveBIG to Pride Foundation!

Thursday, May 6th is GiveBIG Day – a one-day charitable event where your gift will be stretched for maximum impact. We know that people get inundated with GiveBIG requests this time of year. So why should you give to Pride Foundation?

Pride Foundation is the only funder in the region with an exclusive focus on advancing full equality for LGBTQ people. For nearly 30 years, we have inspired giving from thousands of donors and volunteers, and leveraged their generosity to invest in LGBTQ leaders, organizations, and students.

As a result, our powerful regional movement has fought discrimination and inequality, making it safer and more supportive for LGBTQ people and their families.

Here’s another reason: Of all grantmaking by U.S. foundations, less than 1 percent of the dollars are directed to LGBTQ communities. Unless we are able to dedicate more resources to our push for progress, we may not make it to the tipping point that seems so near.

Whether this is your first-time gift, or you’ve been a donor in the past, we hope you’ll show your support for LGBTQ equality this GiveBIG Day.

On May 6 your gift will be stretched when you donate through GiveBIG!

This is a great time to give because your dollar will go even further! Each donation made to Pride Foundation between midnight and midnight (Pacific time) on GiveBIG Day will receive a prorated portion of the matching funds, or “stretch” pool. So mark your calendar and plan to GiveBIG to Pride Foundation on May 6th!

Whether it be advocating for homeless LGBTQ youth, supporting local non-discrimination ordinances, expanding access to healthcare for transgender people, or fighting for marriage equality, you can be sure that your dollar will be used to effect lasting change in the LGBTQ community.

For us, no challenge is too great, no community too small. By joining together, we can transform our individual acts of courage into a unified movement for change.

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