What We’re Reading – March 22

Please enjoy thoughtfully, get fired up by, and/or giggle while reading this week’s pieces from Pride Foundation staff’s recommended reading.

As “Gay Marriage” Heads To Court, A Look Back At The Bumpy Ride

Keeping the big U.S. Supreme Court cases being heard next week on DOMA and Prop 8, here’s a great NPR story about the “bumpy road” to marriage equality in court, in the entertainment world, etc. leading up to the present. Barney Frank, Howard Dean and Matthew Shepard are key elements.

Appropriation Is Not Representation

Feministing.com covers the difference between cultural appropriation and representation – and why they are not equivalent. This is in light of another recent ‘high concept’ photo shoot featuring Michelle Williams in redface.

“Detroit: As Exciting As It Is Outrage Inducing As It Is Heartbreaking”

Finished in less than a day – “Detroit: An American Autopsy” by Charlie LeDuff – is a gritty and at times excruciatingly painful exploration to his home town, and mine.  After a successful career with the New York Times, Charlie returned to his native turf with The Detroit News– the vision of Motown for most people.  Yet, for those of us who ever called it home – or currently do – there is a loyalty to Detroit and her grit, potential and even her ugliness that is very potent.  And even while knowing that Detroit missed many an indicator to embrace change and honestly navigate the institutional racism that surrounds and stifles the city – I was reminded of one very clear truth: Home is home; and I’ll never take another Detroit joke in stride again.

Macklemore Challenged On His Privilege

From Caitlin Copple:  I have been a big fan of Macklemore since my 18-year-old cousin in Portland introduced me to the song, “Same Love” last fall. After reading this article sent to me by the Montana Human Rights Network’s Jamee Greer, I’m re-thinking my straight white boy crush and committing to supporting more queer hip hop artists. I’ll probably still rock out to “Thrift Shop” but not without thinking about what Macklemore’s rise to stardom says about the miles we have to go to end racism and homophobia in our society.

The Current Immigration Reform Movement is ‘Sexclusionary’

Local and National Immigration Reform Activist Pramila Jayapal writes this great piece urging Immigrant Rights Leaders to consider the needs of women in the movement. She says, “Congress members crafting immigration proposals are almost always men, it’s no surprise that immigration policy is what I’ve dubbed as ‘sexclusionary’.”

And finally, here’s a little bit of What We’re Watching:

Check out this TED Talk from Dan Palotta, founder of AIDS Rides, about how the way the US public views charity is all wrong. He says “philanthropy is the market for love” and it makes us wonder, if the non-profit sector could benefit from capitalism, can you imagine the possibilities?

Did you find this surprising? What’s your reaction? Let us know in the comments!

Want to smile? Check out this cutie pie singing and dancing his way into your heart!

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