Get to Know Gunner, Our New Director of Programs

It is Gunner Scott’s first week of work at Pride Foundation. Hailing from Boston, Gunner packed up his cats, Bert and Fred, on March 2nd and embarked on a week long drive to Seattle to start work as Pride Foundation’s new Director of Programs.

Though the Director of Programs position is new, Gunner’s experience working for the LGBTQ community isn’t. Most recently completing his role as Executive Director of Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, Gunner has a wealth of experience in training and curriculum development, program management, and public education and legislative campaigns. (You can read more about Gunner’s professional background in February’s hiring announcement Pride Foundation Welcomes New Director of Programs.”)

Now we’d like to give Gunner more time to acclimatize before we ask too many questions but here are a few things you should know:

Question: What’s the most intriguing thing you’ve learned about Pride Foundation in your first week?

Gunner Scott: With my office next to the kitchen, how food and coffee bring my co-workers and the dogs by my door quite often.

Q: How are your cats adjusting to the West Coast?

GS: They are happy to be out of the car, excited to watch the goings on of the parking lot from the apartment windows, and back to their routine of sleeping the day away. I have enjoyed getting know Seattle, catching up with old friends that made the East Coast to West Coast leap before me, scouring vintage shops for deals (everything is picked over already in New England), and trying out coffee shops in each neighborhood.

Q: Initial observations of similarities or differences between the Northwest and Northeast?

GS: Similarities would be the wearing of fleece, passion for LGBTQ equality, and the abundance of seafood options. Differences, I would say how friendly people are here in the Northwest and the biggest one, how differently people drive; let’s just say Boston has more of an “assertive” driving culture.

Q: Do you have a favorite local restaurant or hangout spot yet?

GS: No favorite local restaurant or coffee shop yet. I have a goal to try a new place every week. I will happily take suggestions for the best sushi, noodle spots, ice cream, and the best places serving locally roasted coffee.

Q: What’s a quote that demonstrates your personal philosophy in working in the LGBTQ community?

GS: “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”–by Dr. Cornel West

The Director of Programs is a new position at Pride Foundation that will provide strategic vision and leadership for programmatic efforts throughout the Northwest. You can reach Gunner at

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