Tacoma Ranked #1 Gayest City in America

Guess what? Tacoma is Ranked #1 Gayest City in America!

According to the Advocate, Tacoma, WA is ranked #1 in their 2013 list of the gayest city in America. This annual compilation lists cities that are *not* the usual suspects like New York City and Los Angeles. This list focuses on the “in-between” as they call it, because they acknowledge that LGBTQ people live in big cities and small towns and everything in between.

What’s the criteria, you might ask? You can read the full list online which includes categories like the number of LGBTQ elected officials and placement on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index as well as “Fabulous Shopping” and “Roller Derby” (you score a point if your city has a team!).

There are four other Northwest cities in the top 15 of the list: Salem and Eugene in Oregon, and Seattle and Spokane (ranked #3!) in Washington).

Congratulations, Tacoma!

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