Suquamish Pride: A Celebration of Thanks

On October 5, 2012 Pride Foundation is excited to co-host Suquamish Pride, a celebration to honor and thank the people of the Suquamish Tribe for adopting marriage laws recognizing the freedom to marry for same-sex couples on the reservation.

Just over a year ago, the unanimous decision by the Suquamish Council came after the insistence of just one tribal member, Heather Purser, who wanted the right to eventually marry and have that marriage recognized by the tribes’ government. Although given several opportunities to voice any objections to the equal marriage proposal, the Suquamish people remained supportive and the decision was carried out unopposed.

Heather’s dedication brings inspiration at a time when marriage equality is being discussed throughout the nation and reminds us how one person indeed can make a huge difference.

A year after the official change was signed into law, Pride Foundation is proud to partner up with Purser and her girlfriend, Becca Platter, as we thank the community for a year of acceptance and equality, and the Council for their leadership. The gathering will consist of a giveaway, salmon bake, and old-fashioned community potluck where tribal members will be given the opportunity to share the reason for their support.

Suquamish Pride will take place on the reservation at Sgwәdzadad qәł ?altxw (House of Awakened Culture) from 5:30-9:00 PM and is open to all tribal members and their friends.

You can read more about the Suquamish Council decision here.

Uma Rao is Pride Foundation’s Regional Development Organizer in Western Washington. Email Uma.

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