What We’re Reading – September 14

Please enjoy thoughtfully, get fired up by, and/or giggle while reading this week’s pieces from Pride Foundation staff’s recommended reading.


An Op-Ed from the Advocate

Urooj Arshad discusses being a member of the LGBTQ community and Muslim. Two things, she reminds us, that are not mutually exclusive.


The Time to Be Awesome is Now

I’m pretty obsessed with Kid President who reminds all of us “grown ups” to relax a little, appreciate the good stuff, and most importantly: DANCE 🙂


We Bet You’ve Never Heard this Story

Violette Morris, though her life ended “as something of a monster, in service to the Gestapo,” is a truly fascinating and interesting person: an out lesbian in the early 1900s, an Olympian, and fiercely competitive. I’m kind of shocked (and bummed) I hadn’t heard about her before.


Powerful Photos of Reactions to the Attack in Libya

As discussed by Feministing. You can view just the photos (larger) here and here.


Just for Fun

Our animal-loving office found these 25 Pictures of Cats and Dogs Photobombing Each Other highly entertaining.


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