PFLAG Fairbanks Heads to the Fair

Tanana Valley State Fair Poster

For nearly twenty years, PFLAG Fairbanks has had a presence at the Tanana Valley State Fair. This year will be no exception. From Friday, August 3 to Sunday, August 12 you can stop by the award-winning PFLAG booth in the Borealis Pavilion to say “hello” to our PFLAG members and friends in Fairbanks and take home ribbons, LGBTQ-themed bumper stickers, and brochures to help spread the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

“This booth is often the first inkling for new people in the community that there is a resource for them. Many visitors are pleasantly surprised to see that PFLAG is active in Fairbanks, often telling us that they support their local chapters in other towns,” says Treasurer Pete Pinney.

If the response to the booth is any indicator, Fairbanks is far more comfortable with the presence of the LGBTQ community than it used to be. In the beginning, the PFLAG booth was placed next to the beer garden, where volunteers alternately suffered through the giggles of nervous junior high school students, disapproving stares of religious conservatives, and—as the evening wore on—the menacing looks of intoxicated bikers. The tension was so thick that security would check on the booth every half hour. Eventually PFLAG was invited into the Borealis Pavilion to take their rightful place among the other political and civic organizations. This new stamp of respect was validated two years ago when their booth won the award for being the best-decorated according to the fair’s theme.

This year’s theme is “The Age of the Asparagus.” PFLAG wasn’t willing to give away any trade secrets as to how they plan to win the contest this year, but we wish them the best of luck!

Pride Foundation is happy to be sponsoring a portion of the PFLAG booth this year! Tiffany is Pride Foundation’s Regional Development Organizer in Alaska. Email Tiffany.

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