BREAKING: What N.C.’s Amendment One Means to Marriage in Washington State

While conversations are taking place all over the nation about why marriage matters to same-sex couples and their families, North Carolina’s legislature forced a vote today on an amendment that cuts short those important conversations. Today’s vote on Amendment One bars same-sex couples from any meaningful form of protection for their families whatsoever.

It is a step backwards for LGBTQ equality.

Along with the recent loss of Anchorage, Alaska’s Proposition 5 measure to include sexual orientation and gender identity in its municipal anti-discrimination code, the vote in North Carolina is profoundly disappointing.

In Washington State, where opponents of the state’s marriage equality bill will likely force a referendum, we must reverse this trend together. Even as we see public support for marriage equality reach historic highs – particularly with young people – opponents of marriage equality will continue a campaign of misinformation and fear-mongering.

Though history will certainly be on the side of LGBTQ equality, ensuring that loving and committed same-sex couples have the opportunity to strengthen their families today will require all of us to contribute. It will require all of us to take action. It will require us to support the Washington United for Marriage Campaign with time and money.

This November, Washingtonians can make history by being the first state in the nation to publicly vote for marriage equality. We have the opportunity to take a big step forward – so long as we work for LGBTQ equality together.

Kris Hermanns is Executive Director of Pride Foundation. Pride Foundation is a proud member of the Washington United for Marriage Campaign. Visit to volunteer, donate, and sign-up for regular updates.

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