BREAKING: WA House Passes Marriage Equality Bill

OLYMPIA – In a dramatic vote of 55 – 43, the Washington House of Representatives passed ESSB 6239 – the marriage equality bill that will grant civil marriage rights to same-sex couples in Washington.

With the State Senate having passed the marriage equality bill only a week ago, the House vote was a crucial step toward fairness for Washington couples, the LGBTQ community, and the coalition campaign Washington United for Marriage.

The governor is expected to sign this measure into law as early as next week.

“Today’s vote in the House of Representatives is another historic day for equality in Washington. You can feel the momentum building by the minute,” said Kris Hermanns, Executive Director of Pride Foundation. “‘Separate but equal’ is not a standard that reflects the values of Washingtonians, and today we move yet another step closer to full dignity for all people.”

Rep. Laurie Jinkins: “It’s for our families – I ask for a ‘Yes’ vote on this.”

Pride Foundation shares our gratitude with openly out Representatives Jamie Pedersen, Laurie Jinkins, Marko Llias, Dave Upthegrove, and Jim Moeller—each of whom has brought great personal courage, leadership, and compassion to the legislative process. To thank them and honor their lifetimes of work bringing full and equal rights to LBGTQ people, now is the time to share our stories, share our families, and say why we believe in marriage equality.

While this is a critical time for equality, as well as cause for celebration, our work is not yet over.  With opposition likely to counter the legislation with an anti-equality ballot measure in the fall, here are actions you can take to ensure marriage equality for all people in Washington:

(Lobby Day, originally planned for February 16th, has been cancelled to be replaced by thank-you and celebration parties – details to be announced. Stay tuned!)

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