Get Involved: Scholarship review volunteers needed

It’s Pride Foundation Scholarship time! This means we need your help to review and interview scholarship applications! This is a great opportunity to get involved in your community, help students, and meet new people! We realize many people have busy schedules, so we have several different options for volunteering!

You can be on a general screening team – this is the initial stage where we read ALL the completed applications and determine which are the best fit for our scholarship program. This stage happens in February and can be done from anywhere, since reading is done online (you can also print the applications if you choose). General screening requires about two hours with your review team and about 10 hour reading applications on your own time.

You can be on a specific scholarship selection team – this is the second step where we match applicants to specific scholarships by criteria. This stage happens in March and April and, depending on your physical location, we may match you with a committee based on geography, academic interests, or identity. You will review about 25 applications and interview 5-6 students. This requires one two hour meeting with your review team, about 8-10 hours reading applications on your own time, and one 1/2 day commitment for interviews.

We sincerely hope that you are interested in volunteering because it is such an impacting experience. In fact, volunteering with scholarships is how many Pride Foundation staff and Board members first became involved with Pride Foundation. If you have questions about scholarships, contact Anthony Papini at or contact your local regional development organizer for your state or region:

Alaska: Email Tiffany McClain
Idaho: Email Steve Martin
Montana: Email Caitlin Copple
Oregon: Email Jett Johnson
Eastern Washington: Email Farand Gunnels
Western Washington: Email Uma Rao

Please contact us by January 13 if you’d like to volunteer or want more information.

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