Tai Jordan joined the team at Pride Foundation in January 2019. Tai is a proud Transman of Color who holds his Afro-Latinx heritage close and brings his ancestry to every space he engages. Born and raised in Washington he is honored to call Seattle home and embodies a true philanthropic spirit, hoping to leave Seattle better then is was when he was born into it.  During his adolescence, he began his journey through naming his identity and simultaneously started on his professional career path as well. His hunger for community, his passion for social equity, and his aspirations for a just world led him to discovering key parts of his identity that continue to mold him into the young man he is today. He has worked in multiple facets of youth organizing for the last 7 years. Before finding a home in Pride Foundation Tai wanted to gain invaluable career experience by engaging as many of his eclectic passions as possible. Some of his career highlights included working as a youth educator with Planned Parenthood as a Teen Council Member, addressing the housing crisis is Seattle by building tiny homes as a Sawhorse Revolution Mentor, Interning with Youth Speaks Seattle utilizing art as a vehicle of change, and becoming a valued speaker as a part of the NW Network’s Outspoken Speakers Bureau where he began sharing his story as a way to create connection and build community all before graduating High School. Since graduating, he has gone on to pursue his BA in Youth Studies, Community Engagement, Film & Public Speaking.  Before completing his BA he has chosen to move back into Youth Education work in hopes of revitalizing his ambition and refining his goal: to change hearts and minds one story at a time. 

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