Greg is a priest and mental health therapist–both of which allow him a unique glimpse into our common humanity. He has an interest in helping people live authentic and beautiful lives. Growing up in a small town in Montana, Greg desired to attend seminary in Rome after graduating high school. He was an active priest for 10 years before coming out and moving to Seattle, where he earned an MA from Seattle University, landing him a position at Seattle Counseling Service (a Pride Foundation grantee). Upon finishing his experiencing in Seattle, Greg moved back to Montana where he became a passionate HIV educator and advocate for HIV-infected people, eventually serving on the Montana HIV planning Group for six years and leading AIDS Outreach in Bozeman for five years. He officially transitioned to become an Episcopal priest in 2015, serving as a priest part-time while running his full-time counseling practice which focuses on assisting LGBTQ persons and their families. He is married to Ken Spencer and lives in Bozeman with their three dogs Bandit, Phyllis, and Laddie. Pride Foundation was a significant part of Greg’s experience while living in Seattle and working at Seattle Counseling Service in 2002, as he often helped students fill out scholarship applications. After he moved home in 2007, he was asked to be on Pride Foundation’s Montana Leadership Action Team (LAT) for Montana. Greg’s goals and Pride Foundation’s goals for lived and legal equality in Montana align perfectly. He loves lifting people up and working with people in rural areas who may not have the support from their families, community, and organizations to be who they are.

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