Among the things Nicole loves most are telling stories and making connections between people and purpose. She puts these passions into practice every day at REI, where she oversees the Co-op’s Force of Nature initiative and For All Marketing efforts, and supports work to build a more diverse and inclusive outdoor community. She has been a donor and volunteer for Pride Foundation since 2007 and has served on its board since 2012, including as board president in 2016 and 2017. Nicole is inspired to be part of an organization whose strategic investments and partnerships are creating greater opportunity, equity, and hope for LGBTQ people across the Northwest. A native New Englander and alumna of Cornell University, Nicole has called the Northwest home for over a decade years after moving here as an elite athlete to take advantage of Seattle’s active rowing scene. Today she is an avid runner and cyclist whose hobbies include experimental cooking, painting, and exploring the world with her wife Anne and daughter. They live in Seattle’s Arboretum neighborhood with their whiskered sidekicks, Karl and Leon.

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