Jeremiah is passionate about the intersections of race, gender, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. He believes in the power of courageous storytelling, and is passionate about looking critically at the social systems he belongs to. He is interested in using long-term, multi-layered strategies to create profound shifts in how we understand and combat inequities impacting our society.

Jeremiah has spent years working toward LGBTQ+ equity, racial and gender justice, and inclusion in community arts and culture. Jeremiah previously served as Pride Foundation’s Project Director for TRANSform Washington, and has a background in public policy, program development and implementation, training and public education, and communications, most recently, he worked developing, launching, and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in the public sector.

Jeremiah was recently named Oregon State University’s 2018 Alumni Association Fellow for his work advancing equity and shifting culture, including his role as producer and casting director on the three-part film series Authentically Us: Stories from the Transgender Community. This series was created by Pride Foundation in partnership with Oculus VR For Good, and premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW), Tribeca, Cannes and other film festivals around the world.

Jeremiah holds a Master of Public Administration from Seattle University’s Institute of Public Service and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Oregon State University. In his free time, Jeremiah enjoys exploring the PNW with his three amazing kids, reading all things nonfiction, journaling, writing poetry, and daydreaming at the gym.

As a Black, Indigenous, queer and transgender person who is working to decolonize how he understands his personal* transcendence through gender, Jeremiah believes it is important for him to pay homage to the person he was before transition. Born Jacquelynn Marie Henderson—names given from powerful women from her maternal linage—she was a daughter, sister, and became a mother at age 15. She was a survivor, resilient beyond measure. Jeremiah is incredibly grateful for Jacquelynn’s ability to survive, so he can thrive today.

*It is never okay to ask and/or expect a transgender person to disclose any part of their identity that they do not feel comfortable sharing. Please respect everyone’s unique story.

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