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Name School Area of Study City, State Year
Kyle Agustines University of Alaska Fairbanks Fine arts and anthropology Fairbanks, Alaska 2020
Phillip Hill University of Alaska Anchorage Global Supply Chain Management Anchorage, Alaska 2021
Rafael Bitanga Cornell University Hotel Administration Kodiak, Alaska 2021
Cecil Hines University of Alaska Fairbanks Math North Pole, Alaska 2019
Max Zaki University of Alaska Anchorage Mechanical Engineering Anchorage, Alaska 2018
Brittney Saenz University of Anchorage Alaska Medical Anchorage, Alaska 2021
Morgan Wilhelm University of Alaska Anchorage Music Anchorage, Alaska 2019
Jana Bryner University of Alaska Anchorage Music Education; Literature Anchorage, Alaska 2018
Felix Lewis Eastern Washington University Musical Theatre Kodiak, Alaska 2020
Jenny Miller University of New Mexico Photography Anchorage, Alaska 2019

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