Public Testimony in Idaho: Fighting Anti-Muslim Bills with Inclusivity, Hope, and Courage

The Idaho Legislature is currently considering an “American and Idaho Laws for Idaho Courts” bill, which its sponsor, Rep. Eric Redman (R-Athol) claims to be necessary to regulate Idaho courts’ use and recognition of foreign law. This is the third consecutive year Redman has introduced this bill in Idaho, which is rooted in the unfounded idea that Muslims seek to impose Islamic Sharia law on U.S. courts. Even though the bill avoids direct reference to Sharia law, its intent is widely seen as an effort to target only one religious group—people of the Muslim faith. On February 15th, 2018, Steve Martin, Pride Foundation Regional Philanthropy Officer in Idaho, gave testimony against this bill.

Protecting the Rights of Every Idahoan

“Since the election of Donald Trump, undocumented queer and transgender Latinx people have been at higher risk of deportation and discrimination due to their legal status,” said Sam Byrd, director for the Centro de Comunidad y Justicia. Founded in 1996, this Boise-based nonprofit organization helps improve the educational, economic, and social status of Latinx Idaho

A Family’s Turn at Freedom in an Unsettling Time

Johnny* and his parents are migrant workers in rural Southeastern Idaho. As a 19-year-old undocumented Latino gay man, Johnny and his family long dreamt of the day when they would become U.S. citizens. For years, Johnny and his family tried repeatedly to earn their citizenship, but with no success. Even though the uncertainty of having

Empowering Idaho’s LGBTQ Community Through Relationships, Activism, and Action

Leo Morales, Executive Director of ACLU of Idaho, recognizes how unapproachable the legislative process can seem from the outside. “Idaho’s geography, perceived political climate, and ongoing negative media attention leads people to believe it’s hopeless to try and make positive changes,” he reflects. Educating people on how to engage their legislators on important issues is one

Relationships Across the NW: Idaho Spotlight

We are grateful for the incredible relationships we have with people across the Northwest who make change possible. These are just a few of the incredible supporters, donors, volunteers, local leaders, and scholars that are building a brighter future for LGBTQ people in their home communities through their continued commitment to advancing lived and legal

Finding Hope in Simple Kindness

The tragic and senseless mass shooting in Orlando in June has had a personal impact on me as a gay man, which has been difficult to process, as it no doubt has for others. Since then, attacks in France, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iraq, and most recently the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, have compounded

PRIDE in ID: An Acrostic

We’re featuring PRIDE acrostics from each of our Regional Development Organizers (RDO), Steve Martin, Idaho RDO, shares what PRIDE in Idaho means to him: Perseverance: Perseverance to always stand up and hold our heads high, even in the face of adversity and intolerance, and triumph.     Resilience: Resilience to be strong and fight on to that eventual

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