Pride Foundation Joins Oregon Funders Collaborative to Support Immigrant and Refugees

Throughout 2017 and into this year, this Administration has rolled out anti-immigrant measures that threaten the lives and livelihoods of so many within our communities. While many of these actions have been and are continuing to be actively challenged in courts, legislation, and through direct action, the impact on the communities targeted has been dire.

Making Strides for LGBTQ Communities in Oregon

Meyer Memorial Trust and Pride Foundation have been long-time partners, and share a deep and ongoing commitment to advancing equity in our foundations and more broadly in the field of philanthropy. Ever since Meyer CEO, Doug Stamm, and Pride Foundation CEO, Kris Hermanns, participated in a CEO learning cohort to help them advance equity, diversity,

Seeing the World Better

It isn’t every day that your optometrist becomes one of your organization’s most dynamic corporate partners, but that is exactly what Dr. Summy To and John Schreiber at Myoptic Optometry + Eyewear have become to Pride Foundation. Like many Portlanders, I became a patient at Myoptic because I appreciated their commitment to giving back to

Our Shared Values and Vision in Action

Since our beginning, both Pride Foundation and Equity Foundation have believed that we can more quickly and effectively create change by working together. Two years ago, we put that belief into action to support Oregon’s students and along the way learned what is possible when we combine the power of both foundations. The original idea

PRIDE in OR: An Acrostic

We’re featuring PRIDE acrostics from each of our Regional Development Organizers (RDO). Katie Carter, Oregon RDO, shares what PRIDE in Oregon means to her: Passionate: Passionate leaders and organizations committed to creating lived equality in every corner of Oregon.       Radical Empathy: Radical empathy across our state, every person committed to taking care

The Freedom to Be Who You Are, Where You Are

On a recent trip to Eastern Oregon, I met a lesbian couple, Stef and Liz, living in this part of the state their entire lives. Their story echoed many of those heard on that trip, which illustrated the challenges of being out in rural, small towns, and the impact that has on community and family. Tell us about

A 48-Year Journey

Nikki never dreamed that she would be buying a house in Salem, Oregon with a loan from the VA: “At 72, I didn’t think I would ever see the day that I received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force. In 1967, I was outed as gay and given a ‘general discharge under less

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