We Cannot Be Silent

From Pride Foundation’s inception, we have been called to speak out when we witness injustice, and once again we are challenged to respond to a grave tragedy. From our vantage point, the LGBTQ movement has been about seeing one another and recognizing the humanity we all share and deserve. Fundamentally, it has been about showing

HIV Prevention & Treatment in the Age of Immigration Bans

As highly-charged rhetoric in Washington DC continues to call for stepped up deportation of immigrants and increased barriers to immigration from wide swaths of our globe, it is important to consider the impact this environment can have on openness and ability to seek out HIV testing. Research from Temple University shows that fears over immigration

Community Grants Application Opens May 1, 2017

Each year, Pride Foundation invests in organizations and projects that are transforming the lives of LGBTQ people and their families across the Northwest through our Community Grants Program. While LGBTQ equality has progressed in recent years, ongoing systemic discrimination continues and must be addressed in order to improve access to opportunities for LGBTQ youth, adults,

2017 Scholar Alumni Project

Are you a Pride Foundation Scholar? We need your help! As part of the 2017 Scholarship Celebration event, we want to show attendees what Pride Foundation scholar alumni are up to! Please fill out the form below and you could be featured at our May 31 Scholarship Celebration event in Seattle. Use the template above as

Women Are Leading the Response

As Program Director at Montana Women Vote, I often meet with legislators in Helena to discuss women’s needs. And every year on International Women’s Day (IWD), I am joined in the capital building by hundreds of women celebrating IWD Lobby Day. While this lobby day is always a great opportunity for women of all backgrounds

It’s Time to Oppose Montana’s HB 609

Opponents of equality are stirring up unfounded fears about safety and privacy in an effort to enshrine discrimination into law. Last week, Rep. Carl Glimm (R, Kila) introduced HB 609. This law would force all Montanans to use public facilities based on their biological sex as designated on their original birth certificate. It goes even

We Will Do Everything We Can to Protect One Another

If there were any remaining questions about how LGBTQ people would be treated by the Trump administration, we received a crystal clear answer last week when they announced they would revoke the guidance that protected transgender students from discrimination in schools. This action ruthlessly targets some of the most vulnerable within our community: transgender youth

“Justice is what love looks like in public”

Engraved on the south wall of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial in Washington D.C. is his quote: “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” This sentiment is what I am especially holding onto today—Valentine’s Day.

Our Opportunity to Respond

We have all been waiting—and then waiting some more—to see what’s next from this new administration and Congress. This is contributing to a climate of anxiety, fear, and anticipation that we are living with every day as we try to figure out what this political reality will mean for ourselves, our families, and our world.

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