The Innovative and Courageous Resistance of the Next Generation

Lately, everywhere I go, I hear from people who are overwhelmed by the political volatility that permeates every corner of our lives. Despite the heaviness that many of us feel, people are leveraging their voices in support of a different vision for our world—and refusing to accept our current situation as the “new normal.”

This resistance is especially seen in the youth and young adults who are driving our movements for justice forward.

Whether advocating for the dignity and lives of DACA recipients in our local communities, or fighting for the rights of transgender students in schools—their leadership in this moment continues to inspire me. Even as youth are being directly impacted by this administration’s attacks on equality, the vision they hold for a better world is profound, and it is energizing our movements.

To these young people: we see you, we value you, and you matter. Your community stands with you. And we are sincerely grateful for your innovative leadership in the face of attacks on our communities.

I continue to be heartened by the long history of our movement that has been built through perseverance and resilience. The hope I have for a better world is seeded in all the moments where I have witnessed the collective strength of our communities—and many of these moments were made possible through the leadership of young people.

Our history shows us that no matter what they throw at us, we will still work toward creating a world where everyone can live openly, genuinely, and safely.

In honor of LGBTQ young people, this month’s eNews highlights stories of incredible young LGBTQ leaders and the individuals who stand with them every day.



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